Carpet Entries and Outlets

Carpet entries and outlets according to production process. Reduction of separate working steps due to feeding and reversing function. Multifold variety of versions allowing modular composition according to process and carpet condition.

Web Guiding, Cleaning Units

Enables flexible application in printing and dyeing ranges.


Carpet Dyeing

Quick Change Fluidyer QCC

For Quickest Dye Changes


Nylon, Wool, and Polyester

Chemical Applicators

Designed for application of chemical liquors in impregnating processes

Fabric Feeding-In

For uniform and reproducible dye fixation.

Finishing Padders

Machine for textile finishing.

Rollerbed Steamer

For highspeed continuous pretreatment.

Dye Steamer

For uniform and reproducible dye fixation.

Compacta Washer

High-ef´Čüciency open-width washing machine for wovens type: vertical washing machine.

Vacuum Technology

Improve fabrIc qualIty. Increase productIon speed. Lower productIon cost.

Fabric Exits

Surface Winder, Plaiter Winder, and Cloth Scray